Alex Re
Anonymous asked:
can i ask why you quit the band?

i had seen way more than i ever dreamed of, i had gone above and beyond my expectations with the band. it started to lose its excitement. when it was all on us and it was more diy it was more fun. there was no pressure, no worries we could just be 5 friends and play music together. things change though. i needed to change course. it wasnt for me anymore. i felt like asking for more than what we got was greedy, i should just be happy with the fact that i went above and beyond my expectations. im loving the shit out of home life. job, money, girlfriend, friends, its amazing. i have no regrets man, music will still be around but being in a legit band with labels and record sales and blah blah blah takes ALL the fun out of it. i wanna do something fun again.

Anonymous asked:
I heard a rumor that you weren't on tour with counterparts in Europe/had quit the band, what's up with that dude?

i quit the band after our record came out

Anonymous asked:
why didnt you go on the abr tour?

i got a tummyache:(

Anonymous asked:
What strings do you use?

Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky i think they’re 54-11s

Just to set the record straight, I am no longer a member of Counterparts. The last 5 years have been the best I’ll ever know, Eric Bazinet Jesse DoreenBrendan Murphy Kelly Alexander Bilan as well as Ryan Juntilla and Chris Needham all had a hand in truly showing me the time of my life. I’ll never forget it and I thank you guys so much for taking me on this journey with you. Unfortunately, its time for me to take a different path in life and its all for the better. I followed my dreams and it paid off completely, no regrets. Thank you to everyone who showed support to the band and the 3 records we put out together, the last one in peticular being one of the most exhausting but rewarding efforts of my entire life. I’m playing one last hamilton show with the band on december 6th at the underground,COUNTERPARTS, LIFERUINER, EXALT, THREE CROWNS @ THE UNDERGROUND ALL AGES so friends and family, come out and make this special for me one last time.

Anonymous asked:
did you get asked to play scenefest this year in St Catharines?

I think we might have, I’m not sure though. We went to Australia instead I’m pretty sure.


Homer’s byline photo.

joelmedley666 asked:
Hey man, what kinds of pedals do you use to make all those crazy noises?

Delays and filter modelers all with cranked settings, loop station and an octave fuzz pedal all help in the creation of my noise ahah.